Zentangle Challenge #34 "Opposites Attract"

I am the Diva hosts weekly zentangle challenges.  This is my first challenge.  I decided to do the challenge with the standard sized tile of 3.5 inches.  I still don’t have good pens so I had to use an ultra fine point sharpie.  I had ordered a set of Sakura pigma micron pens but the seller cancelled the order today.  So I plan to see if I can find them in a store around here.  Would an arts and crafts store have them?

I don’t like my tiles for the challenge but since I only found the site yesterday and the challenge ends Saturday night I don’t have time to re-do them.  These are my 2nd and 3rd zentangles.


Today I did my first zentangle.  It was fun.  It reminded me of the doodles I used to make in class when I was bored out of my mind.  I unfortunately didn’t have any good pens.  I used a black sharpie ultra fine point marker.  Which isn’t good since it bleeds. One thing I noticed is it makes my hand quite unhappy so I probably won’t be able to do them quite often.  My zentangle isn’t the standard size of 3 1/2 inch square.  I have seen many in larger sizes so I did mine on a 5×7 inch heavy cardstock. Next time I will try to do it on the standard size.  I plan on reading more on zentangles over the next week.

I also just found a website that does challenges with zentangles.  The website is called I am the Diva.  They are currently on Challenge #34 so I am a bit behind.  I will probably start with the next challenge and might catch up on the others slowly. If I continue doing them I will need to buy better pens.

And now I present to you my first zentangle…tada!

*Update – This is actually considered a Zentangle Inspired Art since its not on a 3.5 inch tile.  So it doesn’t really count for my 32 Things by 32.  However the ones done the day after this do count. Click here for those.

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