Zentangle Challenges 21-27

Challenge #21Oof

Challenge #22A Little Help From My Friends

I had my husband help me with this. I explained what a string was and showed him examples and on his first attempt he drew a minion from the movie Despicable Me. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it before I started working on it.

So I then explained it to him again and showed him more examples so he did this on his second attempt.  I started working on it and realized I hadn’t taken a picture of it so I stopped to do that.

Here is the finished tile.

Challenge #23String Theory

After my husband helped me with the last challenge he came over and asked if he could help again.  He read part of this challenge and saw that it mentioned rolling a dice for tangles so he got a 20 sided dice from his dice bag so I could do the same thing.  All of the tangles but 1 were new to me.  I had to do the following tangles, Fescu, Flux, Hollibaugh, Mist, Nightsbridge, Pokeroot and Scoodle. Most were not too bad to do but I had a little trouble with flux.

Challenge #24String Thoery v.II: Stripes

Challenge #25Zendala Magic

Challenge #26String Theory v.III: Spiral Out, Keep Going

Challenge #27Duo-Tangle

Zentangle Challenges 11-20

Challenge #11Monotangle

Challenge #12 Something Blue 

Challenge #13Non-Dominatrix (Use your non-dominant hand) 

I used my left hand.  I guess its better than what I expected.

Challenge #14I Walk the Line

Challenge #15Love Your Curves Baby

Challenge #16Mooka

I did not enjoy this challenge.  I practiced the tangle before doing it on the tile but I just couldn’t get it to work.  I really don’t like this one.  

Challenge #1715 Minutes of Fame (Create your zentangle in 15 minutes)

Challenges #18EGGZZZZellent

Challenges #19More Morris (Light over Dark)

Challenge #20Royal Wedding

I used the following for inspiration for the tile.  I wanted to make the flag wavy but it didn’t come out right.


Zentangle Challenges 1-10

I spent most of the weekend catching up on the zentangle challenges hosted by I am the Diva.  I had a lot of fun and was able to do 20 challenges.  As I have mentioned before I suffer from carpal tunnel on both my hands and I had surgery on the right hand which didn’t make things better so I can’t do too much with it for long periods of time; so eventually my hand was hurting but I was so into doing the zentangles that I hardly realized it.    Unfortunately today I am feeling it; so I won’t be doing any for a few days.

I did so many that I have realized I like keeping my zentangles simple. On my next zentangles I plan to try to do some shading.

Below are the first 10 challenges.

Challenge #1Simplicity

Challenge #2Two Pencil String

Challenge #3Eyes Wide Shut 

Here is the blind string.

 Here is the finished zentangle.

Challenge #4Starry Eyed Surprise

Challenge #5Orbs

Challenge #6Ixorus

Challenge #7Breathe

Challenge #8Hearts for Artoo(Use two previous challenges to create a heart)

I used stars from Challenge #4 and Ixorus from Challenge #6.

Challenge #9New Tangle: Artoo

Challenge #10The Space Between: Exploring white space

Zentangle Challenge #34 "Opposites Attract"

I am the Diva hosts weekly zentangle challenges.  This is my first challenge.  I decided to do the challenge with the standard sized tile of 3.5 inches.  I still don’t have good pens so I had to use an ultra fine point sharpie.  I had ordered a set of Sakura pigma micron pens but the seller cancelled the order today.  So I plan to see if I can find them in a store around here.  Would an arts and crafts store have them?

I don’t like my tiles for the challenge but since I only found the site yesterday and the challenge ends Saturday night I don’t have time to re-do them.  These are my 2nd and 3rd zentangles.

1 55 56 57 58