Birthday Advent Challenge

Back in December I saw a video by HulloAlice where she showed a watercolor advent calendar by Schmincke. The advent calendar contained 23 Schmincke Akademie Aquarell half pans and 1 Shcmincke Horadam Aquarell full pan. For years I searched for an advent calendar with art supplies but never had any luck. Last year I didn’t even bother looking since they didn’t seem to exist. Once I saw the video I immediately went to purchase it. At the time the only site I could find that had it was the Society for All Artists which is in the UK. I figured I’d have to play catch up when it arrived since I’ve had items shipped from the UK before and they’ve only taken about a week to a week and a half. However I should have known that since it was the holiday season it would most likely not get here till around or after Christmas. It arrived after Christmas so rather than opening all the watercolors at once which wouldn’t have been any fun I decided instead to wait till February to open it.

I decided to have a Birthday Advent Challenge. Every Friday I would create a watercolor piece with all the colors I had opened up during the week. Since my birthday was the 22nd I would have 2 extra watercolors to open up on my birthday. It was fun opening up the day’s watercolor and at the end of the week creating something from all of that weeks color. If Schmincke came out with a new advent calendar for this year I think I will purchase it and create another challenge around it. I would just need to purchase it well before December.

Below are all the pieces I created during the challenge.

The first week only had 1 watercolor. The color was Naples Yellow. At first I wasn’t sure what I would create with just one color but I decided since the color was a little peachy I would create a naked mole rat.

The second week I had a full 7 colors to play with. The colors were Brilliant Green, Ultramarine, Indian Yellow, Permanent Green, Yellow Ochre, Prussian Blue & Burnt Brown. I had a much easier time coming up with something to create with the colors. I decided on a cat skull filled with flowers.

The third week the colors reminded me of Karla Magaña’s art so I created a piece inspired by her art. The colors were Indigo, Orange, May Green, Opaque White, Black, Carmine & Magenta.

For the last week I had 9 colors to work with. The colors were Cadmium Yellow Hue, Sepia, Cadmium Red Hue, Cyan, English Red, Violet, Olive Green Yellowish, Light Lemon Yellow & Yellow Gold (Special Edition). My husband said I should do a birthday cake since it was my birthday.

February’s Daily Sketches

Hi! I apologize for this being late again. The goal from now on is to have the videos up by no later then the end of the first week of the month. Hopefully I can stick to that.

I’m still having trouble coming up with things to sketch. I spend way too much time looking at the blank page. However setting aside time to sketch daily has become routine now.

Below is February’s video. You can watch it here or on Youtube.

January Daily Sketches

Hi! Sorry this is so late. I originally planned on creating weekly videos of the sketches but changed my mind as that would just take too much time. It also took me a bit to find a good free video editor and to learn to use it. This is all new to me so it took some time. I chose to use Da Vinci Resolve. It not only was free, it did the things I wanted and it wasn’t clunky or hard to use. I don’t have a fancy camera so I just used my Pixel 3 to create the videos. Hopefully as I keep doing these videos I will get better at it.

As for the sketches I thought I should mention that my sketches will always be in pencil, they will be quick and most likely there won’t be a ton of great ones. I don’t think sketches should take a long time to do; unless I plan on turning it into a completed piece. Even then I still may create a quick sketch before creating a more fleshed out sketch. Since this sketchbook is just to get me into sketching everyday it is very unlikely that there will many, if at all any fleshed out sketches in this sketchbook. I actually have another sketchbook I tend to use for that.

The only reason I am creating videos of my sketches is that I wanted a way that would hold me accountable to sketching daily. I originally wanted to post pictures on Instagram but as I thought about it more I really didn’t want to flood my followers feeds with constant multiple daily pictures. I know there are people who hate that.

Below is January’s video. You can watch it here or on Youtube.

2019 Goals

1 – Sketch/Draw Everyday.

I plan to sketch everyday in a 600 page sketchbook that I bought almost 2 years ago. The plan is to do about 2 pages a day so that by the end of the year I will have filled the entire sketchbook.

2 – Start a New Series.

I’d like to do another series like the creature series I did back in 2017. Not sure yet what the theme will be but it will most likely be done in watercolor.

3 – Improve My Watercoloring Skills.

Watercolors are my favorite medium which is why I want to improve my skills.

4 – Create a Coloring Book.

I love creating coloring pages. I’ve created many in the past. This I would like to create a physical coloring book.

5 – Try All the New Art Supplies I Haven’t Gotten a Chance to Try Yet.

I have a few art supplies that I have never gotten a chance to try. I would like to try them all by the end of the year.

6 – New Challenge.

Create a new challenge or participate in a challenge I have never participated in before.

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