The Sketchbook Project

For years I had wanted to participate in The Sketchbook Project but let fear of failure, fear of not being good enough stop me but towards the end of last year I decided to just go ahead and do it.

I had planned on completing it much sooner but every time I tried I just stared at the blank page. I was having a hard time focusing and being creative. To try and get creative again I started doodling and creating abstract pieces in my main sketchbook which usually works but for some reason I still couldn’t create something for the sketchbook project. Then my husband suggested I change my theme and just continue doodling and creating abstracts for the sketchbook project. This worked and I was able to finish the sketchbook in less than 2 weeks and was able to get my creativity back so I could work on other projects. I decided to title it “Remedy” since the art created in it helped me get my creativity back.

Eventually the sketchbook will be available to view on their site as I paid to have it digitized but I don’t know when that will be available. Once its available I will post the information.

Below you can view the flip through or you can view it on YouTube.

Sketchbook Tour (December ’17 – July ’19)

I finished this sketchbook back in July. I filmed the video in August or September but the file was corrupted. I filmed it again but then completely forgot about it. I’m close to finishing another sketchbook and that’s when I realized I never edited or uploaded it.

As I have mentioned before my sketchbooks don’t only contain sketches and drawings; they also contain notes, cards and things I like that I want to save.

You can watch the video below or on youtube.

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